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Innovation & Creativity

At Manman, innovation & creativity are the keywords. Based on the feedback we receive from the users, we continuously improve our products. Hence, whenever we introduce a new product, the existing users have the exchange option that too for a very reasonable cost. Most of our products are import substitutes & widely accepted by users throughout India & neighboring countries. All types of power tools (including imported) are also repaired at our works. Servicing of Pneumatic Power tools, Battery Operated power tools can also be considered.

After Sales Service

The normal guarantee for our products is for 1 year. In practice, however, Manman guarantees lifelong service. Manman customer service is available at a very nominal cost. The charges cover only incidental expenses. Manman customers are assured 24-Hour service anywhere in India. Annual Maintenance Contract is also available. Fully illustrated assembly, care & Maintenance with do's and don'ts and step-by-step faultfinding instructions are part of the User Manual provided with each system. Schedule for oiling is included in the manual.

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